ALERT: Exeedme($XED) Address Is 0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86

New Revenue Streams for Gamers.

Powered by NFTs and DeFi.

Enabling all gamers to make money off their skill. Built on Polkadot.

The Vision

Blockchain Play2Earn

Exeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels to monetise their skills.


Earn by Winning.

Challenge friends or let matchmaking work.
Set the stakes and fund them with liquid cryptos.
Winner takes it all.


Earn by Engaging.

Whether a gamer wins or loses, every time there is a bet on your skills, you are game mining a $XED reward.


Earn by Progressing.

By staking $XED, players unlock NFT rewards which grow in exclusivity and rarity as they grow their ranking position.

Watch The Demo

Exeedme 1.0

Gamer Centric

Competitive integrity.

Challenge friends or play against similar skill players for stakes. XED tokens are earned each match. With more XED you can level up to unlock higher leagues.

Leveling the playfield.

Fair play is paramount to our platform. Exeedme will use video referee, telemetry and game state data to ensure no hacks are used and gameplay is leveled at all times.

Pick your favourite games

Single point of access to engage in an ecosystem that allows you to play, socialize and earn in many centralised and decentralised games. In the first version you will be able to join parties and teams on CS:GO.

Starting with the classics

Challenge friends and opponents in CS:GO. Use the dashboard to access your ranking level and the total amount of XED you generated by playing and betting against your opponents. Access your gaming statistics and analyse your performance.


The Roadmap

Beta Version

Q1 2021

  • 1
    First Game: CS:GO
  • 2
    Crypto betting
  • 3
    Short list access
  • 4
    UK Betting License
Game Mining

Q2 2021

  • 1
    Staking Pool
  • 2
    Game Mining 1.0
  • 3
    XED Tournaments
  • 4
    Anti-cheat 2.0
NFT Rewards

Q3 2021

  • 1
    NFT Rewards
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
    Governance R&D

Q4 2021

  • 1
    Migration to Polkadot
  • 2
    XED DEX v1.0
  • 3
    Launch of Mintshop
  • 4
    DAO R&D

Token Metrics

We raised on Polkastarter and got listed on Uniswap on the 30th of December 2020.